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About Us

About VacSax

We’re the disposable suction experts.

High and Low Suction with rail mounted 02 flowmeter

VacSax now has the largest and most comprehensive product range available in the disposable suction market.

The latest product to be added to our portfolio is the VacSax BactiClear® Antimicrobial Disposable Suction Liner system which has been proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, including MRSA and E. coli.

Because we are a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of disposable suction systems, we are able to channel all our resource from market research, innovative product design, automated manufacture and customer service to this very important medical equipment market. This results in a better understanding of customer needs and the development of innovative products to make the collection and handling of medical waste as safe as is practically possible.

VacSax are passionate about quality. We are registered to ISO 13485. You can be sure of a quality product from VacSax and confident in its integrity and safety.

From product design through to dispatch VacSax is unrivalled in its dedication to excellence. Our customer service team is always on hand to provide rapid and accurate information and to answer any question a customer may have.

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